We do not live in a normal country. We live in the most unfairly centralised nation in the developed world, both economically and politically.

The level of inequality between the North and the South is not too different from a country recovering from a civil war.

Our party is going to end the centuries-old North-South divide. We believe that this divide is the result of specific decisions taken by the Westminster establishment – both Labour and Tory.

Our towns see no investment. Our public transport is left to rust. Our people are forced to move away. They like to call this ‘managed decline’ … but we call it injustice.

The Northern Independence Party began with ordinary Northerners meeting online to talk about how to fix this divide. Among our members we count nurses, doctors, teachers, farmers, forces veterans – the list goes on. We are from North East and North West, Cumbria, Cheshire, and Yorkshire.

We have all reached the same conclusion: the only way to fix the rot at the heart of our country is independence. Not mayors. Not assemblies. Not devolution. And certainly not more establishment politicians. We demand political power – power that is of the North and for the North.

It’s time to end Westminster rule.

It’s time to free the North.

Philip Proudfoot
– Founding Member, Northern Independence Party



The North-South divide is not getting better, it’s getting worse. From Thatcher’s government in the ‘80s, to the austerity of the last decade, to the complete disregard for the North during the pandemic, we all know where this is going.

We can’t wait any longer. The ‘generosity’ of Westminster won’t bridge this divide.

The North-South divide can only be resolved by finally reclaiming the voice that has been taken from us. We have the power to decide our own policy and build our own future away from the unequal politics of Westminster.

What affects the North must be decided by the people of the North – not politicians who either don’t know or don’t care about us. They don’t understand our needs and the problems we face every day. They are unwilling to make the fundamental changes we need to put right the North-South divide.

We will stand up for the North. We will rebuild our left-behind towns and communities, devastated by decades of neglect by successive governments. We will ensure that the wealth and resources of the North are used to benefit the North, rather than being drained away to fuel the ever-growing dominance of London.

The Northern Independence Party will finally replace our failed political establishment with people who will work tirelessly to build a free and fair North for all. Together, our future in the North begins on May 6th.

Evie McGovern
– Founding Member, Northern Independence Party