We Are Our Values

The Northern Independence Party is different. We are committed to ending the injustice of the North-South divide.

We are campaigning to establish an independent North, to be governed by the people of the North. The historic nation of Northumbria once spanned from the South to Scotland, and so we seek independence for people from Cheshire all the way to the Scottish border. We are a rapidly growing, proudly democratic socialist party, committed to upholding our values:

Show Solidarity

The North is vibrant and diverse. We recognise the many cultures across the North, and we want to celebrate the diversity of our people. We are proud of our distinct local histories, dialects, and traditions, which we will fight to protect and preserve.

We reject bigotry and all ideologies of hatred. The North was, is, and will remain international. Everyone who identifies as Northern is Northern, and so we welcome refugees who seek safety and security in the North.

We unite as Northerners to support each other and work together to build a better, fairer, and freer North for all.

Be Decent

We will restore decency to all levels of government. Establishment politicians have taken Northerners for granted, promising ‘regeneration’, ‘levelling up’, and the creation of a ‘Northern Powerhouse’. These promises have been broken time and time again. Our representatives will hold themselves accountable to the people of the North. They will be transparent and commit to working for all those they represent, not just those who voted for them.

Our representatives will treat others well, be honest, and act in good faith.

Help Out

The Northern economy has been neglected for decades and our industries splintered or destroyed. Northerners have been made poorer and less healthy, are given fewer educational opportunities, and live shorter lives than our southern counterparts. We recognise that the ‘United’ Kingdom filters people, resources, and jobs to the South. We will end these disparities, reducing the gap between rich and poor to increase the quality of life of every Northerner. We will restore dignity to all and create a just and fair society.

We demand lives worth living.

Take Part

We are a talented and generous people with a land rich in resources, yet we have remained impoverished while the world races toward catastrophe. We have a responsibility to each other and to the future generations who will live in the North to ensure that we and our world flourish. The North is made up of people with many callings – science, art, education, healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, engineering, and countless more. With economic independence we will reindustrialise the North with sustainable, green jobs for all that we and our descendants can take pride in.

We take seriously our responsibility to preserve and protect our environment.