Our Vision for an Independent North

In an independent North, we won’t be in charge – you will.

We believe in shifting power away from politicians and putting it into the hands of ordinary people.

The constitution of an independent North should be written by a constitutional assembly – a grand convention in which ordinary people come together to hear arguments from all sides and decide the best way to proceed – and then ratified by a referendum of every Northerner.

Local decisions should be made at a local level, where they are most accountable to local people. The Westminster system is one of the most centralised in the world. Powers that should rightly belong at the level of the county, city, or town are monopolised by Westminster. Cities in many other countries have more autonomous powers than cities in the North. This centralisation is inefficient, ineffective, and insensitive to local needs.

We want to put an end to that. Whereas at present every power is held by Westminster unless the government deigns to hand it down to a lower level, in the free North we believe every power should be held at the local level unless there’s a good reason to loan it to a higher one. Our most fundamental belief is that we all have the right to determine our own future, and that’s much easier to do when power is local, democratic, and accountable.

The Northern Independence Party believes that through independence, we have the opportunity to decentralise our society and create regional equality, while maintaining our proud, unique, and distinctive local identities. Building on our northern tradition of solidarity, we want to unite the north and reduce regional inequalities through a system of Northern federalism. Regional governments within the North will ensure that local people are in charge of their affairs and that we distribute power fairly, while recognising that we Northerners share common interests. The Northern Independence Party is committed to ensuring that all regions in the North will rise together.

Socialism doesn’t mean the state owns everything.

We want to reduce centralised power, not increase it. Our vision of the North is one where co-operatives, locally-owned businesses, social enterprises, and community-owned organisations work together in an economic democracy – a democracy truly governed by and for the people. Our government will not ride roughshod over the lives of working people, but give workers and communities the power to come together, decide what needs to be done, and do it.

Where it makes sense for industries to be nationalised – such as our utilities, the NHS, and public transport – we want to make sure they have independent oversight by ordinary Northerners. The infrastructure of our everyday lives should not be a means for Westminster politicians to demonstrate that they’re ‘doing something’, nor a way for them to hand out contracts and kickbacks to their friends. Our democracy will not be ruled by party or bureaucrat, but by the people of the North.

An independent North will put the power in your hands.