The Northern Independence Party is a democratic socialist party, founded in 2020.

Our objectives

  • To build a better, fairer and freer North for all
  • To campaign for a referendum on the independence of the North, to be decided by the people of the North
  • To uphold the principles of democratic socialism and uplift the voices of our members
  • To oppose all forms of ideology based on hatred and bigotry

Our values

  • Show solidarity - unite, support each other, work together and fight for a common cause
  • Be decent - treat others well, be honest and act in good faith
  • Help out - help each other to create a society in which everyone is treated fairly
  • Take part - this land is our land, to care for and protect forever

Membership benefits

  • Ability to contribute and vote on Northern Independence Party policy
  • Invitations to meetings and party conference
  • Access to our Party Discord
  • Member-only social events


  • £5 a month at standard rate.
  • £2.50 a month for people on a low income (earning less than £15,000 a year), students and the over 65s.
  • For one-off donations (and not become a member), please use the Donations page.



  • By submitting your contact information to us, you agree that Northern Independence Party representatives may contact you in relation to party activities, including internal Northern Independence Party elections in which you are entitled to vote
  • By applying to join, you agree to abide by the constitution, policies and principles of The Northern Independence Party.
  • Your membership rights commence upon joining The Northern Independence Party.
  • You confirm that you are not a member of any other political party, or any organisation with principles or practices which oppose the aims and ethics of The Northern Independence Party.
  • You agree to follow our social media policy.
  • Please see our privacy policy for information on how we use your data, and your rights in relation to your data.
  • Donations are welcome, but donations over a certain value must be disclosed to the Electoral Commission; if you have questions about your donation, please contact us here.