Social media policy

All codes of conduct and committee statements form part of the agreed relationship between individual Northern Independence Party members, and set the minimum code of conduct expected by the Party of all its members.

Northern Independence Party Committee Statement

The Northern Independence Party is building a movement to create a better world. Social media is a key and essential part of this process, now more than ever. We neglect the digital at our peril. This policy applies equally to our official NIP social media channels, paid-for advertising, and individual members. Only by behaving justly and going forward together can we build that better North for all.

Sometimes in order to build our movement, and a better world, we will need to challenge reprehensible views. We strongly condemn fascism, transphobia and other forms of ideology based on hatred and bigotry. While we will never endorse these views, or uncritically amplify them, sometimes being an effective adversary to hate means engaging and challenging it. While in some instances, starving trolls and hateful persons of the attention they crave is the right action, on other occasions we need to call out and argue against hateful ideology or ideas contrary to those of the movement. We trust the social media team and individual members to use their best judgement of when to argue and when to ignore.

We also acknowledge the issues with the very platforms we are engaging on. Many major technology firms have been involved with ethical and legal violations, have unscrupulous policies regarding their user’s data and avoid their responsibilities as regards compliance with the laws of the countries in which they operate or paying their fair share of taxes. While social media is an essential component of modern life and politics, we approach these platforms with a healthy dose of skepticism, and a commitment to pursuing greater transparency and regulation of these industries.

We look forward to working together, both online and offline, with our members to further our cause. Onwards together to a better North.

The Committee of the Northern Independence Party

Principles for the Northern Independence Party’s use of Social Media

  • We are proud - we are bold, cheeky and clear about what we post.
  • We are principled - we stick to our code of conduct on social media and live our values as outlined in our constitution.
  • We are caring - we will use inclusive language and build a positive online community, including all our movement and it’s varied views.
  • We are giant killers - we will punch up, taking aim at the powerful and unjust, we make legitimate criticism based on policy and actions.
  • We keep our eyes on the prize - we stay focused on our Party’s aims of building a better and fairer and freer North for all, rather than dwelling on internal or personal issues.

Bad behaviour online

Members will face disciplinary measures if found to be engaging in the below behaviours. 

  • Bringing the party into disrepute via social media. This could include the below behaviours, or repeated attacks against the Party or members in a public forum. While healthy debate and critique is encouraged, personal attacks, spreading false information or attempting to undermine the Party and movement as a whole through social media is unacceptable.
  • Threats of violence or death made against users, regardless of views, are unacceptable.
  • The use of sexualised language or imagery, and unwelcome sexual attention or advances are not acceptable.
  • The targeting of individuals based on protected characteristics is not acceptable, nor is the use of racist, ableist, LGBTQphobic or gendered slurs. 
  • Publishing of others’ private information (or ‘doxxing’) without their explicit permission is entirely unacceptable.
  • We all have a responsibility to challenge abuse and to stand in solidarity with victims of it. We encourage the reporting of abusive behaviour to the administrators of the relevant website or social media platform, and where appropriate, to the police. This is a collective responsibility and should not be limited to those who have been subjected to abuse.
  • Trolling, or otherwise disrupting the ability of others to debate is not acceptable, nor is consistently mentioning or making contact with others when this is unwelcome.
  • Anonymous accounts or otherwise hiding one’s identity for the purpose of abusing others is never permissible.
  • Copyright must be respected.

Any member found in breach of NIP policies will be dealt with according to the rules and procedures of the Northern Independence Party.