Our Values

Our Values


The fruits of society belong to everyone, and everyone should have a say in how they are governed. Only by joining together in freedom and peace can we pursue the happiness that is our birthright.

Therefore we stand in solidarity with all workers in their struggle for rights, for fair pay and conditions, and ultimately for the ownership of their work. We fully support the right of free people to organise — including but not limited to forming Trade Unions, Community Unions, and Tenants’ Unions — and commit to supporting unions in their work.

We further recognise that our struggle for freedom and peace is shared, and that an injustice against any is an injustice to all. Therefore we stand in solidarity with all oppressed peoples and commit to fighting for the full participation of all peoples as equals in society.


The North belongs to everyone who chooses to make their home here. We do not and will not tolerate bigotry of any kind. Everyone who lives in the North belongs to our community and deserves dignity, respect, and fair treatment: either all of us matter or none of us matter.

We recognise that the work of society exists to benefit our shared community. We do not believe the value of life can be measured through work, and therefore we will never put profits before human lives.


We are accountable to our members and to the communities we serve: this is the foundation on which trust in our party is built. Therefore we commit to democratic accountability, both within our party and to the public, and invite the participation of all people in forming our policy and choosing our representatives.

In contesting elections we will take no votes for granted; in elected office we will hold ourselves accountable to the public we serve.


We are responsible to future generations for the world we leave to them. It is our duty to create a world in which our children and their descendants can thrive.

Therefore we commit to responsible stewardship of our environment and to cultivating a culture that fosters lives worth living. In elected office we will govern for the long term, and leave our communities stronger and more resilient than we found them.