Trade Unions

Trade Unions

We believe in workers’ rights to representation in their workplace. We will reverse the trend of declining unionisation, empowering workers’ representatives to advocate for better conditions and fair treatment.

Making Trade Unions Stronger

We will reform the law to strengthen trade unions. We will institute a wider definition of legally protected strike action: sit-ins, occupations, solidarity strikes, secondary picketing, and strikes in aid of political causes will all be considered legal activities when appropriately balloted. It is wrong to pretend that the political and economic interests of workers can be separated.

We will repeal the 2016 Trade Union Act. The primary purpose of this Act was to place unacceptable constraints on union behaviour.

We will also update the law so that balloting for strike action may be done online. If online voting is good enough for political parties, it's good enough for trade unions.

Trade Union-Only Tender Processes

We will legalise trade union-only tender processes for government contracts at all levels. Public funds going to companies that exploit their employees and deny them union representation is unacceptable.