“We live in the most unfairly centralised nation in the developed world, both economically and politically. The level of inequality between the North and the South is not too different from a country recovering from a civil war.”

A year ago we wrote these words in the foreword to our first manifesto. They remain as true today as they were then — even moreso, as an unaccountable and anti-democratic government has further concentrated power within Downing Street.

Meanwhile, far from the halls of power, the North is falling apart. Our NHS is falling to pieces, rents are rising, and the cost of energy is exploding upward at an alarming rate. As for the government’s solution? They want to ship asylum seekers to Rwanda.

We can’t go on like this: things must change. We need serious solutions to the radical problems facing the North today.

This manifesto is our answer.

Here you will read about our reasonable, proportionate solutions to today’s challenges. We’ve put a lot of work into developing them, and we’re proud of the alternative vision we’re proposing for the North. Taken together, our policies are greater than the sum of their parts: they are our only hope for a stable and prosperous future.

But don’t take our word for it. We invite you to read this manifesto, and to ask yourself what kind of future you want, for yourself and for everyone in the North.

The change we need takes root here and now, with you. Together we can force Westminster to give us our fair share, and make this vision of our future a reality.

Thank you.

David Heaven
— Leader, Northern Independence Party