Everyone should be welcome to participate in everyday life, no matter their personal struggles. In addition to the inclusive policies spread throughout this manifesto, we propose the following to build a society that is accepting of physical and mental diversity.

Public Spaces

We will ensure that new buildings are designed to be accessible to everyone from the start: we will refuse planning permission to inaccessible buildings. To improve existing buildings we will provide a rolling programme of grants to update their accessibility. Too many poorly designed buildings and poorly thought-out processes prevent disabled people from fully participating in day to day life, and we must correct this.

We will ensure that any events or activities funded by councils are accessible to disabled people, including neurodivergent people and those with hidden disabilities. We will do this by mandating that councils work with organisers to provide accessible venues, provide training for event facilitators, and where needed directly organise disability-specific events and activities.


We will ensure that disabled people have access to housing that suits their needs, whether this is through new, purpose-built housing or refitting existing homes.

Local Councils

We will continue to make council meetings accessible online, maintaining the improved engagement and accessibility that has resulted from meetings moving online during the pandemic.

However, we recognise that not everyone is able to use, or feels comfortable using, digital technologies, and so we will ensure that in-person attendance at appropriate events and consultations is possible so that everyone’s views can be heard.