About us

The Northern Independence Party was founded in October 2020 to oppose the injustice of the worsening North/South Divide. Since then we have stood candidates across the North, tripled out vote in Liverpool, and shown we can fight for our fair share.

Our National Executive Committee is elected by our members. Our present senior leadership are:

  • Leader — David Heaven
  • National Chair — Suzanne Clifton
  • National Treasurer — Joe Wilson

… And our Nominating Officer is Luke Hamstead.

Our members come from all walks of life: everyone who wants to make the North their home is a Northerner. We stand opposed to all forms of bigotry, including but not limited to racism, antisemitism, islamophobia, misogyny, ableism, homophobia, and transphobia.

To learn more about our values, read our manifesto. If you like what we stand for, join us.