Public Infrastructure

Public Infrastructure

Society relies on our public infrastructure, which enables all of us to access the services we need to build our lives. This is so vital it must be owned by all of us.

Royal Mail

We will renationalise Royal Mail. Our postal service already operates as a public service with an obligation to serve every part of the country, but what used to be an excellent service is being squeezed and frequently failing to meet that obligation for the sake of its private owners’ profits. Postal services are a lifeline for many and provide a connection to the rest of the world; this is more important now than ever before.

Access to Services in Rural Areas

We will protect vital services in rural areas, such as post offices, banks, and GPs. We will fund programmes to expand these services into areas that have lost coverage due to decades of cuts and neglect. Rural areas need the same infrastructure as anywhere else for people of all ages to thrive in their communities.