Essential utilities such as water and energy should be available to all. We must have services that are reliable, affordable, and don’t cause damage to the environment.

Public Ownership

The pursuit of profit and degradation of our public infrastructure has left the UK vulnerable in the current energy crisis. In response to this we will immediately nationalise all energy companies, along with the National Grid and associated infrastructure. We will establish a National Energy Service to own and maintain these assets and infrastructure, the creation of which will allow us to lower the price cap to an affordable level.

We will renationalise all private water companies. Bringing these companies into public ownership will allow profits to be reinvested into water infrastructure rather than disappearing into shareholders' pockets.

Green Power Generation

We will invest in green power generation, such as wind farms and tidal power facilities, and subsidise the installation of solar panels and power storage in domestic and commercial buildings. This will reduce our reliance on imported electricity and gas, lower energy costs, and together with our National Energy Service it will create decent public sector jobs.

Quality Broadband

We will make high-quality broadband affordable to everyone by making it publicly owned. Broadband is a necessity for finding work, accessing education, and connecting with friends and family. Additionally, we will use public ownership to expand access to broadband in rural areas so as to eliminate reliance on expensive mobile internet.

Community Ownership

We will empower communities who want to establish their own local providers for essential utilities that are not yet nationalised by providing startup funding and guidance. This will ensure that these services benefit local communities first and foremost by putting control of them in communities' hands.