Recent technological developments have created new challenges for us all, from the erosion of our privacy to being unable to get our appliances fixed because the manufacturer no longer makes the parts. We will regulate new innovations to make sure technology works for us, instead of the other way around.

Facial Recognition Ban

We will ban the use of facial recognition technology in public spaces. This will include streets, public transport, businesses, and government buildings. Everyone has a right to privacy and should not be at risk of being tracked electronically while out and about in public or using public services.

Digital Libraries

We will establish a national digital lending library to hold collections of books, films, television and radio broadcasts, and computer games, and make them available to all. This will provide a free and publicly owned alternative to the many streaming services now available and preserve our culture for all to enjoy.

Right to Repair

We will introduce Right to Repair regulations that require manufacturers to design devices that can be fully upgraded and repaired, and to sell parts to third-party repair engineers at reasonable cost. This will do away with the need to buy a new washing machine or laptop simply because one part cannot be replaced or repaired, and will also reduce the environmental impact of future technological development.